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This nursery's purpose is to assist in the education
of rescuing and/or raising deer.
I am not a deer farmer. I am simply a stay at home mother who loves animals and have had some experience
with bottle feeding and raising a few fawns.
I've bottle raised several fawns for local deer farmers. I've also
been contacted by people in the past that have found hurt/injured/orphaned fawns and have helped out in any way I could.During my experiences with these beautiful creatures, I've managed to learn a thing or two that might be worth passing on. I've also had the chance to photograph the fawns and share those pictures with you here.
I am a professional photographer and take pride in my work, so please do not copy/save/print/ any of my photos.

Note: Please excuse any advertisements and/or pop ups that may occur on this website - it is not my doing. So that this website can be maintained FREE ... the site is subject to the advertisements and pop ups that tripod allows.

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